Saturday, October 28, 2006

Seven Up by Janet Evanovich

While Stephanie struggles to reconcile her feelings for the two hot guys in her life, one of whom wants to marry her and the other of whom is just plain hot and wants to get into her pants, she tries without much success to finish her latest bounty hunter task. She's been asked to bring in Eddie DeChooch, a wily old guy who keeps slipping through her fingers again.. and again... and again. And then there's the troubling disappearance of Stephanie's two gentle loser pals, Mooner and Dougie, who have gone AWOL in a haze of pot smoke... Somehow she knows this is connected to the case she's working on, which is getting more and more bizarre and sinister.

Throw an unwanted Harley, some female mud wrestlers and a frozen pig heart into the mix and you have a typical week in the life of Stephanie Plum.

This was another fun installment in the series. The only real surprise here is that one element I expect to find in every Stephanie Plum novel was missing. If you have read this series up to this point, let me know what you think. I kept waiting for this thing to happen and was disappointed when it didn't -- but I still enjoyed the story.

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Hornblower said...

Oh man, it was a while since I read Seven Up - I read them just after they come out so that was what? 2002? BUT, I think I might know what you mean.... I still read this series though lord knows why, because it's getting SO predictable & the one thing I want Evanovich to do is to write pages and pages of hot sex but there's no way - she can't do it now that the series is so popular and vanilla.


But Ranger. Oh man. Ranger.
Yeah, that's why I keep reading.