Friday, October 13, 2006

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Exciting stuff happens to Stephanie Plum in her fourth adventure. Cars explode, molotov cocktails are thrown, scary Italian grandmas give people the evil eye, grumpy old elderly women perform daring hamster rescues, and Stephanie finally gets laid.

All of this excitement is part of the background to her latest job as a bounty hunter. Stephanie needs to track down Maxine, a woman who skipped bail after the seemingly innocuous crime of "borrowing" her loser ex-boyfriend's car for a while, and ended up getting arrested when, to retaliate, he called the police and reported his car stolen. Unfortunately for Stephanie, Maxine is just a little too determined to not be found, and our heroine finds herself having to dig deeper and deeper into this puzzling situation - with occasionally disastrous results. On the positive side, though, Stephanie has gained a new sidekick, a transvestite named Sally who is a master codebreaker. The scene where Stephanie ends up taking Sally, Lula and her Grandma on a stakeout in a crowded casino is a priceless example of Evanovich's flair for mixing the serious and hilarious.

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