Saturday, October 14, 2006

High Five by Janet Evanovich

Business is slow at the bail bonding agency, so Stephanie Plum agrees to help out with a family matter. Her tight-fisted uncle Fred has disappeared, shortly after an argument with his garbage pickup company over a $2 refund. Somehow, Stephanie's family has gotten it into their heads that she can find Fred. Unfortunately, while she investigates this matter, she discovers a trail of dead bodies -- none of them Fred's.

Meanwhile, one of Stephanie's small jobs turns into a big headache when a little person (don't call him a midget!) moves in with her after she wrecks his apartment during his apprehension. Her Grandma gets hold of Stephanie's stun gun, a crazy ex-boxer is stalking her, she can't seem to get her uncle's ugly old Buick out of her life, and she's torn between the attentions of two really hot men... just another average episode in the life of this bounty hunter.

In short, a highly enjoyable novel that had me laughing out loud -- and looking lost when I finished it and realized that number six wasn't waiting on the shelf.

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