Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

Contrary to what the title of this book suggests, there is no hot sex in this book. You see, Stephanie Plum's grandma has rebelled against her own daughter and son-in-law and decided it's time to move out on her own. But while she's looking for a place, she figures Stephanie won't mind giving up her bed (and her privacy) for an old lady. There are two evil but incompetent guys following Stephanie everywhere she goes. And then there's the cop friend who tricks Stephanie into taking on the burden of his dog, Bob. So, there isn't a whole lot of time or space for hot sex, but Stephanie has plenty of other action to keep her mind off it. She's been asked to track down her fellow bounty hunter, the mysterious and sexy Ranger, who is caught up in some serious trouble.

Another fun, light, fluffy and funny book with the usual heroics and hi-jinks. The serious prize-winner sits on the shelf while I dig out book seven to help take my mind off the stresses of my busy life.

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