Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Evil under the Sun by Agatha Christie

After waiting for some weeks, I recently got the next disc in the Poirot DVD collection from Zip.ca so I decided it would be fitting to read one of the Hercule Poirot novels that the TV series is based on. This story is of the "group of people take a holiday in an isolated location, and one of them is murdered" formula. I wonder if M. Poirot ever takes a holiday without someone conveniently being murdered nearby. At any rate, it was a quick and satisfying read. Agatha Christie's writing style is sparse - she just jumps right into the story without many embellishments - and yet she manages to characterize people quite well.

Naturally, I can't read these books now without picturing David Suchet's face and voice and mannerisms in my head. The man has Poirot down to a T... I think I'll go and watch the rest of that DVD now. Is this one of those rare cases where the screen adaptation is better than the book?

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