Monday, February 12, 2007

Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel

In the sequel to Airborn, Oppel returns to the lives of Matt Cruse and Kate DeVries a few months after the end of their first adventure. This time they're on the hunt for the Hyperion, a mysterious airship that disappeared twenty years earlier, rumoured to be carrying a fortune. Kate and Matt are accompanied on their quest by Hal, the cocky young owner of a skybreaker (a special airship designed to be taken to higher elevations) and the beautiful, mysterious Roma girl, Nadira, who holds the key to the Hyperion's treasures.

Although this book is a sequel, it doesn't tread over the same ground as Airborn - the adventure feels fresh and new, with the same interesting blend of science fiction and adventure that made the first book in this series so thrilling to read. I had trouble putting it down.

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