Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy

Back when I was reorganizing my books, I decided it was time to re-read some old favourites and my first pick was "Tara Road", mostly because I saw on Maeve Binchy's website a week or two ago that they've made a movie of this book, and a bit of google searching seems to hint that this movie might be coming out in North America sometime early in the new year. Fingers crossed!

This book is typical Binchy fare, which I love. It's about ordinary people living ordinary (though not always happy or emotionally healthy) lives. A bit of drama thrown in, a bit of romance, nothing spectacular plot-wise... but the way she writes about people makes them seem so real, and I get sucked in every time, caring so much about these characters and wanting good things to happen to them. How does she do it?

Tara Road is one of my favourites, featuring Ria, a woman so clueless that you want to shake her as her husband fools around and her friends take advantage of her right left and center while she believes herself to be living a perfect life. Eventually she figures it out (well, some of it) and becomes empowered. During the process, she exchanges homes with a lonely and grief-stricken American woman who finds that she begins to heal while surrounded by Ria's Dublin friends (and she even manages to stop some of them from taking advantage of Ria so much.) That's about it (see, nothing special plot wise), but it's a great read.

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