Monday, May 28, 2007

Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

This sequel to Poison Study was equally readable. Synder is a great storyteller and her writing is vivid and engaging. It was interesting to see what happens to Yelena when she returns to the home she was kidnapped from many years earlier, meets her family and tries to fit in at Magician school.

Unfortunately, my enjoyment of this novel was somewhat marred by Snyder's use of tired, unnecessary fantasy themes - ie, girls/women being captured and raped by bad guys. What the heck is that about? Why do so many fantasy writers feel the need to include rape scenes in stories that could easily stand on their own without them?

Rant over. I was also rolling my eyes somewhat over the surprising number of petty jealousies that the adults in this novel carried around with them. But I guess since this novel is aimed at teens, maybe that's something that age group can relate to?

Regardless, overall I did enjoy this book and will gladly read the third novel in the series when it comes out next year.

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